Good Things HODL


Embrace the spirit of crypto and long-term investment with our “Good Things Come to Those That HODL” Hoodie. Crafted from comfortable fabric, this hoodie combines the excitement of cryptocurrency with a touch of cosmic inspiration.

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Product Description

The standout feature is a small circular emblem on the front and larger emblem on the back, featuring a bold astronaut illustration. The astronaut represents resilience and the determination to hold onto your investments. Surrounding the emblem is the quote, “Good Things Come to Those That HODL,” emphasizing the power of patience and the potential rewards of long-term holding.

This hoodie is the perfect choice for crypto enthusiasts, investors, or anyone who appreciates the philosophy of delayed gratification. Wear it proudly and let the world know your commitment to HODLing and the crypto journey. It’s a stylish and inspiring choice that reflects the potential rewards of patience and long-term investment. Stay warm, make a statement, and let your passion for crypto shine.

Key Features:

  • “Good Things Come to Those That HODL” Hoodie for crypto enthusiasts and investors
  • Made from comfortable fabric for all-day warmth and comfort
  • Features a circular emblem with a bold astronaut illustration on the front and back
  • Represents resilience, determination, and the power of long-term investment
  • Perfect for expressing your passion for crypto and the philosophy of delayed gratification
  • Versatile hoodie suitable for casual outings, crypto events, or everyday wear
  • Relaxed fit

Additional information


XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


Black, White


80% Cotton 20 % Polyester


280 gsm


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